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ThinkPad 240X Configuration under Linux

By  Sean Reifschneider Date November 25, 2004

ThinkPad 240X Information

Manufacturer/ProductIBM ThinkPad 240X
Part Number2609-51U
Build Date2000-08-01
Report Date2000-08-30
CPU Type/SpeedCeleron 450MHz Coppermine
Video Res/Size/Type800x600, 10.2inch, TFT
OS InstalledKRUD 6.2-20000801 (Based on Redhat 6.2)
OS Notes 6.2 had no problems using the standard boot disc, used the text installer.
XFree Version3.3.6-20
XFree Config FileXF86Config
XFree Notes Video seems badly hosed when running in 16bpp. Runs fine in 24bpp (except as noted below), though a little slower than I'm used to for things like whole-screen painting (when switching virtual X desktops). No combination of options would produce functioning 16bpp.

If the case is closed with X displayed, the video totally freaks out requiring a restart of X. If you go to console mode before closing the laptop, it seems to be fine.

Note this this laptop uses the SMI LynxEM+ chipset where the ThinkPad 240 uses the NeoMagic.

Sound Card/DriverCirrus Logic "Unknown Device" using OSS
Sound Notes Required OSS driver with "Crystal" option.
Modem/DriverLucent LT 56k WinModem/ltmodem.o
Modem Notes Check out for more information or get the driver from Lucent (binary only) at

Unfortunately, you have to use RedHat 6.1 with the stock kernel to really use the above driver.

APM Notes Has no problems suspending or resuming. Can power off fine with "shutdown -hy".

After a suspend, the audio doesn't seem to work. Audio must be re-loaded after a suspend.

PCMCIA Notes PCMCIA Seems to mostly work fine.

WARNING: The door on the PCMCIA slot is spring-loaded and opens inward. Obviously, anything pushed against this door will easily go in, and once in will not come out. This is worse than having no door on the slot at all, because stuff gets stuck in there. While I never knowingly store change with my laptop, I've had a number of occasions where change has gotten stuck in there. IBM wants $375 to fix it if you bend the pins.

Therefore, always store your laptop with a card in the slot, or consider taking the little door off the slot. In one of my 240s the door fell off and I've never had problems with change getting stuck in it, and several times have in the other one.

Note to IBM: This is the poorest designed PCMCIA slot I've seen -- the "eject" button is hard to use, and this door contributes to repair bills that can be 30% the value of the laptop. Have a talk with the rocket scientists who did this, eh?

Misc Notes Unlike other ThinkPads I've had, this one makes replacing the hard drive EASY. Remove 2 screws and the 9mm hard drive can easily be replaced. Getting to the memory is a bit harder, but not bad. Read the docs for details, but basically you remove the 3 "memory" screws on the back, then pull in the esc and del keys to pull the keyboard out. Pull up on the top, then slide the entire keyboard towards the LCD).


This laptop install was funded by the kind folks at Linux Weekly News.

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