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It's been a long time coming, but I'm pleased to announce the new version of our website. Our old website was published with Zope, which was good for some things, but had some annoying features.

I had a particularly hard time with it, because I wasn't doing complex things often enough in Zope to remember how to do them. Having to figure out how to do them from first principles every time was very frustrating.

Our team is very comfortable with xterm based tools like vim and cvs, and is less happy using a browser based tool.

So, Sean took the bits of Zope that we liked, TAL and Python, and wrote another Content Management System (CMS), which he's calling JOTweb.

For us, the big advantages are:

  • being able to publish content to our website using our existing cvs-centric processes.
  • Python scripting to create dynamic content
  • the addition of blogs

For people visiting our site, I expect the biggest improvements will be in the depth and freshness of our content.

I look forward to hearing your comments on the website. You're welcome to use the Contact us form to reach me. We'll be adding commenting to the blog portion of the website soon.

My job with the tummy is mostly on the business side, so I'll be writing about management, marketing, and process improvment topics.


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