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We're setting up a new high-availability cluster for one of our hosting clients. This is our first deployment on a 2.6 kernel, so we're testing out the DRBD 0.7 code. In the past we've used the 0.6 line of code (with really good results). 0.7 is required for the 2.6 kernel, and so far it's looking good.

For those of you that don't know, DRBD is a mechanism for doing hard drive mirroring between machines, so you have a copy of your data on a local dis and a disc on another system. That way, one system can fail and your applications can come right back up on the other machine and continue going. In this case, we're running a gigabit link between the machines for the disc mirroring. It took just over 20 minutes to mirror 70GB between the two machines, or around 50MB/sec. Pretty speedy.

Those of you who have been following my personal journal know that we've been using Asterisk for our phone system recently. You can read more about it at:

  • Your New Home PBX (no longer available)
  • More on the Asterisk PBX, including references. (no longer available)
  • Our first week of Asterisk (no longer available)
  • 6 months of Asterisk (no longer available)

A couple of days ago on slashdot, they have a story about a P2P VoIP routing protocol. It sounds like it's a secure way to advertise your contact information via VoIP, so that you can seamlessly start sending your phone calls over VoIP. That's going to make it so much easier to start making seamless use of VoIP.

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