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Sometimes I have days where I just can't seem to get going. Monday was one of those days. Not that I didn't get anything done, it was just hard to get started on things. I guess it all evens out though, because this weekend I got a bunch of low-priority stuff done which I had been avoiding. I was able to get some stuff done, though…

I did finally figure out what my problem with JOTWeb/ZPT rendering XML for the RSS feeds on this site was, though. It was handing the pages off to the rendering engine, but the engine wasn't interpreting the TAL tags. I eventually found an example in the ZPT tar-file that showed me how to set up the “tal” XML name-space (xmlns:tal=“”), which allowed me to finish getting the RSS feeds going here.

JOTWeb2 is working out really nicely for the web-site. The whole combination of it's parts fit really well together. Of course, I'm hardly an impartial observer.

Scott was running a backup of one of the machines we host, before doing an upgrade to the latest version of the OS. I think it ended up backing up the backup file, so it just kept growing. Part of the problem was that he didn't run it with “-v” to see what was going on. However, there is a trick you can use after you've started a tar to watch it as it goes:

tail -f --bytes=+0 backupfile.tar.bz2 | tar tj

This starts at the beginning of the file and reads it until it gets to the end, then it keeps checking for more data to be appended every second. Of course, this does suck up some CPU time, but decompression is usually faster than compression, and would have given an early alert about possible problems like backing up the backup file.

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