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efm's laptop has an Intel Pro Wireless 2100 mini-PCI card in it (IPW2100). But worse, it's also got some sort of BIOS interlock so that you can't just drop another wireless card in place which has a supported chipset. The system won't even start booting if you do that. So, she's been stuck with using a PCMCIA card for WiFi access.

There have been rumors of various options for using that card under Linux, but it's not really been an option. The Driver Loader stuff works great, if you happen to have the Windows drivers for the card. I spent some time a while ago trying to get those drivers, and was totally unsuccessful. More recently a project on Sourceforge was announced, apparently with Intel's support, to make Linux drivers.

That's been pretty spotty though as well. I first tried the ipw2100 project's drivers about 6 months ago, and while it would load and work fine, the machine wouldn't suspend with the driver loaded. After unloading and re-loading the driver a couple of times, the kernel would panic and the machine would lock up. I gathered a bunch of information on it and submitted it to their bug tracker.

I've finally tried the latest version, and it seems to be much better. I was able to load and unload the module several times without hanging the machine, and it seems to be able to suspend with the driver loaded as well. The problem is that about 50% of the time when loading the module something happens on initialization and the interface doesn't work. While I'd probably be happy to use a laptop that had those issues, I don't think efm will be. So, probably will have to wait a few more months and try again.

In other news, we got a hosting order today from a client that needs a pretty stomping box. I got to order a 3GHz box with 2GB of RAM today, should be pretty speedy.

Much of the rest of the day I spent working on converting a form over from the old web site that had been missed in our conversion. It had lots of parsing errors when I was converting it over, so I figured out how to make much prettier error reports in JOTWeb for that error as a part of the conversion.

It took a very long time to convert over the HTML to the new site layout and fix the problems with the old form. The code side of it was pretty easy, but just putting the form in order took a long time. I should probably look at one of the HTML editors since our new web site dynamic HTML markup is designed to work really well with them.

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