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handy rpm commands

I looked at a client machine today that was having issues using the ssh client to connect to other machines. It wasn't able to run due to a library not being found. rpm made tracking down the problem really easy:

First, check the version of openssh installed:

rpm -qa | grep openssh

This showed me that the newest openssh was installed and looked correct. Odd, so what package owns the /usr/bin/ssh?

rpm -qf /usr/bin/ssh

returned “This file isn't in any package”. Ah ha. So, the openssh-clients package isn't even installed and /usr/bin/ssh is from some non package install sometime in the past. This is why you should always install from packages if you have any choice. When you upgrade your packages get upgraded, if there are things outside the package system they never will be upgraded.

A quick install of openssh-clients to overwrite the old bogus installed binaries and everything was back in business.

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