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The rest of the day at ISPCon was pretty good. Again, we mostly came here for business contacts, and it was pretty successful for that. I was a bit suprised to find that the presentations only run in the mornings, and there wasn't anything scheduled for after the Keynote. That worked really well, because we went to the exhibit hall and went through about a quarter of the vendors there, computed a bit, went to a party, and then headed to dinner.

We went through about a quarter of the exhibit hall. Not that it's huge or anything, we were just mostly going pretty slowly, and stopped when we got tired of it. We talked at length with pretty much everyone who was selling something even remotely interesting to us.

Lots of folks selling managed services for ISPs. You can now (and have been able to for quite a while) run an ISP without having any technical skill. You can outsource your dial-up, of course, and even NCIC in Fort Collins can help you outsource DSL. E-mail, web hosting, e-commerce, blogs, DNS, domain registration are all things that offers and has for quite a while (depending on the service). Soon you'll even be able to outsource your billing, if you can't already. Lots of folks selling that.

Lots of equipment for Wireless ISPs. One place was advertising wireless gigabit service for $19,000/month. Another had all sorts of antennas and enclosures. Vexira, the anti-virus company, was there sticking stickers to people that said “Virus Free”. As soon as we arrived at that booth, they realized that we had written an article about them.

Later we attended the Tucows party. They have some pretty good stuff coming up. It was a nice party and we had a great time talking with them.

We met another consulting company owner there and spoke with him about issues related to the consulting business. The three of us then went to dinner and he talked about ways we can grow. He is apparently larger than we are, and offered us a lot of suggestions. As he admitted, some were more appropriate than others. It was amazing how similar we were in many respects, though. We both do e-mail, we both have had firewall products, and the list goes on. He was very generous.

It's been a long and very productive day. The first session tomorrow starts at 8:30am, so I'm heading right to bed.

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