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A while ago I switched to Firefox as my main web browser. It replaced Galeon that really went downhill and had development issues. While Firefox is a great browser, there are some extensions out there that really really make it wonderful:

TabBrowser Extensions is an essential one for me. It lets you do all kinds of neat things with the tabs in Firefox. You can “undo” closing a tab that you wanted. You can make it auto-raise tabs (which I like being a auto-raise fan). You can control what things some tabs are allowed to do (javascript, etc). You can auto-reload tabs. You can load tabs in the background. You can make new links always open a tab. Tons and tons of options there. The only complaint I have with it is that the saving of tab sessions doesn't work right. If I enable that, the browser slows to a crawl.

Session Saver is another great one. I guess if tabbrowser extensions worked for saving tab sessions I wouldn't need it, but it doesn't. Sessionsaver just saves all the tabs you have open and restores them when you restart. Handy to get up and running quickly. Note that despite it saying there is a new re-written version, I haven't ever been able to find it, and the 0.2 one works fine with Firefox 1.0.

BugMeNot is an extension that uses the service from the comfort of your browser. This will grab a login and password for a site (if there is one) and fill it in and log you into the site. This is especially useful for newspaper sites that have annoying registration. You can even set it to transparently fill in and submit, so you only notice a quick flash of the registration page before it logs you in.

CookieCuller is another handy one. You can use it to “protect” some cookies. Then have it delete all other non protected cookies on restart or when you say. That way you can accept cookies for sites that require them, but flush those cookies down the drain without messing up those cookies you want to keep around.

User Agent Switcher is a nice one for sites that insist on working only with IE or the like. It adds a handy menu option to let you change what user-agent you send.

I have some others installed, but the ones above are the essential ones for me at least.

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