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Today, Evelyn and I were talking about how we really don't have good numbers about what Linux applications people use. Or even which ones they have installed. The talk turned to e-mail, since the servers are one of the things we do as part of our business, and I mentioned that stats on what mail servers were running was only gathered infrequently. Then I realized that I could probably get some interesting stats from that by looking at our mail server logs.

I wrote up a quick (though not as quick to build as I'd hoped) program which would look at Received lines from messages and determine what type of SMTP server handed the message off to our mail server. Here are the results, spanning from August 1, 2004 through November 21, 2004:

Mail Server Popularity:

  • “Microsoft SMTPSVC” (1125 servers)
  • Sendmail (975 servers)
  • qmail (642 servers)
  • Postfix (595 servers)
  • PowerMTA (371 servers)
  • exim (366 servers)
  • Microsoft Exchange (171 servers)
  • […]

Obviously, these numbers are biased because they're only people who send us e-mail. We are Linux consultants who have done quite a lot of qmail work, so Microsoft servers may be even further ahead than that, and qmail may also be artificially high. I don't doubt that MS is first and sendmail is second, it's just a matter of how much.

Not so clear is whether Postfix or qmail is in the number 3 spot. Combining the spread of less than 10% with the fact that we do a lot of qmail work puts them even closer in a less biased world. However, it looks like, compared to the numbers I've seen elsewhere, that qmail is losing ground to Sendmail, and that Postfix is probably eating away at the qmail “market share”.

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