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Here's a few sites that have handy tools to look up various useful things.

No such list would be complete without google, but everyone should already be using google pretty regularly. I wanted to mention some sites that let you look up things that people may not know about:

The site is super useful for tracking down DNS issues. How well do your domains do? A dnsreport for a domain is especially nice for sending to people who may not know DNS setup all that well, because it lists the problem and what causes it.

A good site to check and see if your mail server has somehow gotten listed on one of the RBLs (Realtime Blackhole List) for email blocking is: This one site will check for your name/IP in a bunch of lists and show you links to those lists if you need to try and get removed from them.

Despite how good a job does for searching for specific items and getting a good price, I like to scan for good tech deals. They often have some deal on something you didn't even know existed.

If you are looking for fedora rpms, can be a pretty nice search engine.

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