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I returned from vacation today to find that SysAdmin Magazine published my article titled “Taking back your mailbox with Greylisting”. This is in the February, 2004 issue of SysAdmin Magazine. We subscribe to SysAdmin, so it may not be on shelves quite yet, but I'd expect it to be soon.

The article includes an overview of greylisting, benefits and drawbacks, and pointers to how to set up greylisting on your mail server. Of primary interest to many is an analysis of the results of running greylisting on our mail server. We've been extremely happy with it, it's made our mailboxes so much more usable. I'd highly recommend you check out the latest SysAdmin magazine for more information.

As I mentioned above, I have been on vacation for the last week. That's much of why the journals have been so quiet lately. Between getting ready to go, the year-end festivities (we had a Hacking Society every night the last week of the year), and the vacation, I haven't found much time for writing here. Look forward to more entries over the coming weeks.

And for the record… Rockport, Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico, makes a great vacation in January.

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