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This months KRUD is now up to using the Fedora Core 3 base code. We've had a few problems with the conversion to KRUD but the software itself has been working well. One of the problems we've had is that the “media check” is failing on some systems despite the discs verifying in many other different ways.

For the time being, we've decided to use a work-around for doing the media check. If you would like to do a media check, boot from the first CD and at the initial boot prompt (the one that comes up a few seconds after the system reads from the CD the first time), type:

linux ide=nodma

At this point, go through the media check as you normally would. After doing the media check, reboot the system and run the install as you normally would, without using the “ide=nodma” setting.

Note that if you install directly after the media check, the installer will default to adding “ide=nodma” to the system boot scripts. There is a dialog box during the install where this can be removed, but I'd recommend that you reboot after the media check and run the install without that option. The install is much slower (over twice as slow when we tested it) when running with “ide=nodma”, so running the install without it is a big win.

While it is a good idea to run the media check before doing an install, we do run extensive media verification on every disc that we ship.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know.

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