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I've been running into some problems with booting CentOS 4 systems after the install completes. In one case, it failed to boot after I had already done several successful boots, then it just displayed “GRUB” and hung on a later boot. In all cases this has been with the root partition on a RAID-1 device.

Yesterday, Kevin scored the answer in the Red Hat Bugzilla Database. This bugzilla mentions SATA, but I did an install this morning on a system running md1 RAID for root on a pair of PATA drives and needed to do the same thing there.

If your FC3/RHAS4/CentOS4 system has problems booting after the install, boot into rescue mode and try the steps mentioned in the above bugzilla. The short form is to edit “/etc/mtab” to change “md1” to “hda1” (or similar), and then run “grub-install /dev/hda1”, then change “/etc/mtab” back to how it was. Good work finding that, Kevin.

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