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I was just trying to re-install Evelyn's laptop with a fresh copy of the KRUD FC3 release. I wanted to set up JFS on the root partition, but even with SE Linux disabled it was complaining that it couldn't install the first package. It was kind of frustrating because it kept saying that there might be a disc space problem or corruption, and I went down that road for a bit. Then I realized that it was probably because the system was trying to set the SE Linux extended attributes, and failing during the install.

So, I switched the root partition back to ext3, and it's installing happily now (using PXE, since it has no CD in that machine). I'll see whether I'm up to copying it off to the “/home” partition and re-formatting root with JFS after the install. This process is running much later than I expected, because I first accidentally installed FC2 and didn't notice until after I had started setting the system up. Luckily, I didn't have to re-recover the /home partition (the bulk of the data).

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