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I may have spoken a bit too soon on the suspending of the T42p via S3 ACPI suspend. I'm having sporadic suspending problems including on resume having the keyboard all wedged up, PCMCIA being unhappy, and (while I didn't notice it) USB being unhappy after the suspend. I think I mostly have it worked out now, but time will tell. I was seeing problems after about 10 suspends on average. Today it flaked out twice on me in subsequent suspends.

The USB is easy, just unload the ehci_hcd and uhci_hcd drivers before suspending, and re-load them on resume. If you use the hibernate script from the swsusp2 page, I believe it has the ability to easily and reliably remove these drivers for you while suspending. I rarely use USB, so I don't really care that much, I just remove them and if it gets wedged up during a suspend I don't care.

The PCMCIA I haven't really tracked down to see what it's extent is. It may have just been a fluke or it may be a real issue.

The keyboard issue has been annoying, but Kevin found a page about this problem, including a patch to solve it. I went ahead and built a custom kernel with swsusp2 and this patch in it, that I'm trying.

I built a kernel with the modified patch and the swsusp 2.1.8 patch. I also have a modified copy of the patch for the kernel.

With that kernel I can do both the software and the hardware suspend. So I have the choice, without having to muck with it. I may even try doing a software suspend if the S3 ACPI suspend has issues, and hope that the hardware power cycle resolves the issues.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying for super long uptimes or anything, but I do find it very disruptive to have to reboot. My X mostly brings my session back up where I was, but I do lose things like the directories I was in, which files I was editing, the command output I had just done, etc…

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