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Tonight, Kevin sent me a copy of his modified “mkspec” for the Linux kernel source. This causes “make rpm” to build a kernel RPM that includes the appropriate files to allow you to build drivers. I've also built another T42p kernel RPM using this.

First off, I've put Kevin's modified mkspec up on our FTP site. You just copy this file into “scripts/package/mkspec” under the kernel root directory after you have extracted the kernel. Then you can do “make rpm” to build the kernel RPM. The results should allow you to build drivers for that kernel. Thanks Kevin.

Sadly, the maintainer of this file in the kernel isn't interested in including these changes.

I built a new kernel RPM for the T42p which includes the “keyboard stuck after S3 suspend” patch and both swsusp2 and ACPI S3 suspend.

So far I've only been up about 32 hours on the previous kernel, with about a dozen suspends, but no problems yet. Before it had taken as much as 4 days to reproduce, though.

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