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I was setting up Mailman on a new system today and was having problems with it interacting with vPostMaster virtual domains. I decided to try using a transport to simplify the results, with a “lists.” domain name. A quick search on Google found people having problems with, but I figured I could work it all out. Here's how.

First of all, I was using CentOS 4, with the included Mailman, which installs code in /usr/lib/mailman and data in /var/lib/mailman. This required that MailmanHome be replaced with:

MailmanData = '/var/lib/mailman'
MailmanCode = '/usr/lib/mailman'

Then the first occurrence of MailmanHome needs to be replaced with MailmanData, and the remaining occurrences in the execv() call with MailmanCode.

Also, the instructions say that the transport map should use “${user}”, but really it should use “${mailbox}”. The problem is that “${user}” is the local address after the extension has been removed, so if you set your user extension to “-” it will cause the interface to fail. “${mailbox}” is the whole local address including extension.

I've submitted these changes to the author. After these, it is working very well.

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