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Recently we've upgraded the server to 900GiB of space just for the mirrors. This is up from the 460GB that we had in the past, so we've got space for roughly twice the mirrors. I've been adding a few more mirrors, including CentOS, Linux kernels, and both the Postfix web-site and software. I've also removed the excludes from the Red Hat mirror and so it'll soon be a full mirror again. I had to exclude things older than 7.2 when we only had 460GB.

You can find more information at The mirrors are rate-limited at 2mbps, but they are often idle, and being complete mirrors can be pretty useful. The mirrors are particularly useful for customers who are hosted at our facility, because they get unmetered and unrestricted gigabit access to the mirrors. 2mbps is still better than you can get from a lot of download sites, though.

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