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There have recently been floating around a number of JavaScript pages that will take a web site name and a “master password” and the JavaScript will produce a password specifically for that site. The idea being that you can literally use a different password for every site, but that password is generated uniquely based on the site name and the master password. In other words, you have a single password that works for many different web sites, but is not revealed to those web-sites nor shared among web sites.

I loved the idea, but didn't like that it would require JavaScript, or having another page open in my web browser. So, I swiped the idea, and built a Python implementation of it which can be run from the command-line. It includes the ability, thanks to some code I wrote years ago, to read the master password in raw mode from your terminal, including echoing '*'s. Delightful.

You can find it, including RPMs at:

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