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I've been giving a presentation the last few months on a number of anti-spam techniques. One thing that I thought would be nice is to have on every slide a key which would describe the performance characteristics of the particular technique, including memory and CPU time, etc. Yesterday I ran across Jef Poskanzer's site which includes many graphs and performance keys on techniques he uses to keep spam down.

While the site is fairly specific to his particular setup (my presentation is just about the techniques, not the implementation), it does provide information on many more of what I'll call “micro-techniques”, things like SMTP early-talker and anti-pipelining. On the other hand, it does also miss some techniques that I cover such as Hashcash, Domain Keys, and DCC.

Jef's got some really fantastic information up there, including real-world result data for each of these settings. Highly worth reading through if you run a mail server, especially if you use sendmail.

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