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Here at, we're big fans of the Qemu PC hardware emulator. With RPMs of Qemu and the kernel accelerator available from, Qemu has never been easier or faster!

Grab the Qemu 0.7.1 and kernel module RPMs for Fedora Core 4 here. There's also a .spec file and patches to build Qemu 0.7.0 for Fedora Core 3 here.

Not only can Qemu run on Linux, but also FreeBSD, Mac OSX, and MS Windows. It's hardware emulation goes all the way up from the BIOS to peripherals like GUI capable video card, ne2000 network card, CD-ROM drive, and floppy disk, allowing virtual installation of nearly any PC operating system. And under Linux when using the kernel accelerator, the emulator runs at near native-hardware speeds.

As an operating system geek, this is one of the coolest pieces of software I've ever used.

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