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At the last PyCon, there were a whole pile of macs. Lots of their users were doing this SubEthaEdit thing where multiple people in the talks were editing notes about the talk at the same time. It's a pretty slick system. Some folks at PyCon were trying to make SubEthaEmacs, I don't know how far they got on that. However, yesterday I found that the fine folks at Jot have come up with JotLive, a web-browser implementation of the same sort of editing. It's got some rough edges, but looks really good.

You create an account, and then you can create pages. The free account is limited to 5 pages per month. They offer paid accounts at $5/month and $20/month, the latter being unlimited pages. Evelyn and I spent the last 45 minutes brainstorming about it and what we liked and didn't like and bugs we found. Yes, bugs. It's pretty new, as far as I know, and there were definitely some rough edges when using it. However, it worked extremely well for a brainstorming session about that. I suspect that it would work great for creating documentation that involves multiple people putting data out at the same time, or taking notes in a conference.

Well worth a look, especially as you can make pretty significant use of it for free.

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