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Due to licensing issues, installing Java base packages on Linux is several orders of magnitude more difficult than packages which are included in your distribution's base, or even software from some third party repositories. The good people at have gone to a lot of effort to make it pretty easy to install Java packages on RPM-based machines. Sadly, unless Sun decides to start allowing for free redistribution of it's packages, it still requires some manual installation.

In the course of our recent travels we've found it necessary to install tomcat for customer web-sites. Fedora Core 4 includes most of these files in the base, but we haven't tested it yet; you may still need to seek out some files from the Sun website. My notes for installing Tomcat5 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or CentOS 4.2 are available here. If you're using another RPM based distribution, your instructions should be similar.

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