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I've been running an encrypted /home directory on my laptop now for the last 2 weeks (in around 12 hours) and I'm extremely happy with it. I wanted to follow up on my previous entries now that I have some more concrete information about it. On my Pentium M 1.8GHz laptop with 7200RPM Hitachi 100GB drive, I really don't notice any performance issues with it in my normal use. That's the biggest thing I was concerned with.

Of course, with new computers coming with Core Duo CPUs, we have even more CPU resources to burn on things like encryption. For the first time in probably 5 or more years, it actually feels like I have some reason for having more cycles. Though, in practice I really am not noticing the it impact of the encryption.

I think there's been once that I've even noticed it, and that was just because I happened to be running “top” and saw the process. I remember thinking “that's cool” and then was off doing something else.

So, over all my first experience with the encryption has been very positive. So much so that I'm installing another system and using an encrypted file-system on it as well.

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