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It's been around 2 weeks since I did the “yum update” of my laptop from FC5 to FC6. In general things have gone pretty smoothly. Here's some more information.

I was expecting far more problems with Firefox than I actually had. Mostly, my browser has just worked. I was kind of expecting the worst, because of previous major releases, and lots of people reporting problems. However, so far I haven't noticed that Firefox is less stable or uses more memory than 1.5 in FC5. Which is good, because FC5 Firefox leaked plenty of memory.

I've had problems with vim. It's spewing out color escape codes instead of them being interpreted properly. I haven't found any other reports of this, but I've gone back to a previous build of vim version 7 that I had built under FC5, and it's working just fine. I don't know if it's because of some .vimrc setting I've got, or because of the coloring I'm using, or what, but it's a huge issue.

I've also turned on translucencies in KDE. I'm not sure I like them yet. I have active windows 0% translucent, and inactive around 30%. I like this because it makes it easier for me to find my gkrellm window, which is usually behind other things. I have set my gkrellm window to always be 0% translucent.

Sadly, most of the translucencies do not appear to happen until a focus change. So, when I set my “kdialog” alerts to be fairly translucent, they come up 0% translucent, I then have to move my mouse into it to get it to take the high translucency settings. Which is a pisser, because I really wanted them to come up so I could see through them. Oh well.

Things have gone smoothly. The vim issue is really the only significant problem I've had.

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