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Yesterday after 2 years of development, Xfce 4.4.0 was released. A new website was also launched at the same time.

Read on for some more info about the new release.

I really like Xfce. I switched to it a while back after I realized that KDE was taking up so much of my laptop memory, and providing a bunch of features I never needed or used.

When Xfce was dropped by Fedora, I took up maintaining for Fedora Extras. It's perhaps not the easiest thing to maintain, since it has about 23 packages that need updating and maintaining. On the other hand I have been very surprised by how few bugs have been reported with it. I wish I knew if that was due to no one using it, no one wanting to bother with bugzilla, or just switching back to another desktop env when they ran into problems.

I spent yesterday building and testing the new 4.4.0 packages and they look pretty nice. I pushed the update out to development/rawhide early this morning. If everything looks good in a few days, I will push it out to 6 as well.

Xfce has a number of projects under it's umbrella, and for the most part I really like all of them as well. The Xfce Terminal does a great job for me, and it's the application I use most day to day. Mousepad is nice and simple, although I use vim for my quick editing needs.

If you haven't tried Xfce in a while, do check out the 4.4.0 release. It's very nice and polished, IMHO.

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