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As probably everyone who follows Fedora in particular or Linux distributions in general now knows, Fedora Core and Fedora Extras are merging into one big more community driven distro. Read on for some thoughts about the big Merge

Overall it's pretty exciting to see how quickly things have opened up and changed, just over the last 6 months or so. I really think in the end we are going to end up with a more responsive, more rapidly evolving, distribution.

Part of the problem with making a distro that tracks the bleeding edge is that a small number of people just can't scale. Over time with all the cool and interesting projects going on in the Linux world, even as large a group as the RedHat employed people ends up being small.

Once again thats where harnessing the power of the vast number of people in the Linux community comes in handy. Right now, as of this posting, there are 253 folks that are maintaining at least one package in Extras.

It just makes sense to me that you would want someone who uses a software package and wants it to work well to be the one maintaining it. They are likely to follow development upstream (or at least notice when there are new releases upstream, be able to notice bugs and be able to answer questions about how the package works.

It will be interesting to see how closely the core packages match the new guidelines these days. Cleaning them all will be a good thing if we can manage it in time for f7.

Also, hopefully more details of the merge and also a bunch of reviews of core packages will get done at FudCon Boston I should be there reviewing away and meeting with Fedora folks.

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