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This last weekend I was able to go out and attend FudconBoston 2007. Read on for a recap.

FudconBoston 2007 (I think this was the 3rd year they have been doing them) was a great time. It was nice to meet people face to face that I have been talking to on IRC for a while. Lots of good tech discussions, package reviews, and other visiting happened.

I took off for Boston Thursday morning nice and too early. The airport/travel stuff turned out to have no hassles either going out or heading back. The TSA security theater is still happening, but at least they are seeming more efficient about it now. It's about 4 hours in the air to get from Denver to Boston. On the way out I flew through Chicago, and on the way back I went through Dulles. No problems either place. On Thursday when I got into Boston, my friend Ed picked me up at the airport.

We decided to stop in on this coffee shop near his place that was supposed to be nice to check email and see what the plans for the evening were. It turned out to be in a odd place, so we had to look around for it, but it was very nice. Good wireless, music, people and coffee. It looked from checking in on the fedora IRC channels that not much was going on, so we had dinner at Ed's place. He dropped me off early at my Hotel to crash out.

Friday was the day of the “official” barcamp format fudcon. I got up super early and got a cab over to the meeting place on the BU campus. Lots of folks started trickling in. They had badges there for everyone, and even managed to fit the long silly title I had put on the barcamp page. After the coffee flowed some we had a intro session.

I've never been to a barcamp type event before. This one seemed to work reasonably well. Folks interested in running sessions did a short 'pitch' of their session, then put out a sign up sheet for people to indicate that they would go to that talk. Then, talks were arranged on a big board between the rooms that were available. I would have loved to go to all the talks, but the ones I went to were good. A quick rundown of some:

The secondary arch talk - This was discussing how new secondary arch'es could join in the project. It seems likely that sparc, ppc, and ia64 will appear as soon as this is setup. Logistics still need to be worked out about how the build machines will be integrated, how the arch gets to 'official' secondary status, and how the mirroring will work. It should be all very solvable though.

KVM and other virtualization stuff - Lots of good info on KVM and what it can do now and what it should be able to do later.

GPG keysinging - Lots of identities checked. I need to sign and push out keys later.

I got to meet quite a few of the other members of FESCO. We had some good discussions at lunch and between sessions.

Friday night was “Fudpub”. Basically we all walked over to a local pub and had dinner and drinks. Some people had a LOT of drinks. ;) It was pretty loud and hard to hear in there, which I guess makes me too old.

Friday was another super early day. I managed to beat most anyone over to the building, but folks did wander in after a bit. We took over a room and started in on reviewing the packages that were formerly in core. We made a fair bit of progress all things considered I guess. There are around 1085 packages to review. We touched (as in started review at least), about 100 on Saturday, and did about another 20 or 25 on Sunday. So, we are around 11% done now.

Saturday afternoon I also joined in on a meeting about EPEL. It's a great idea and I would use those packages quite a bit. It's just not been pushed forward so far due to everyone being busy and a blocking on allocating mirror space for the finished packages. We talked about a number of items on driving it forward. It's going to be formed as a SIG for now and hopefully once the mirror issue is solved there will be more interest from the people with time to get things done on it.

Saturday night we finished up with package reviews and a group of us decided we wanted to go get some dinner. There was a miscommunication where we thought that we were going to be going “6 blocks”, but it turned out to be a a few miles. Oh well, I didn't mind too much, but I was sure hungry and footsore by the time we settled in a Indian place. Pretty good food I thought.

Sunday was another review day, but between talking with folks and a in person FESCO meeting, I think I only got about 3-4 reviews done. The FESCO meeting got some good stuff done: We made someone a sponsor who requested it, approved a raft of package group items and talked about the mess with acls and new packages.

Sunday night I did some more visiting, then Monday morning was the travel back home.

There are all kinds of cool things coming along in Fedora, so it was nice to talk to lots of the interested parties about them. The BU folks did a great job of providing space and stuff needed, it was all very well organized.

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