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Evelyn and I are out at PyCon this week. If you are coming, be sure to look for us and say “hi”. My official title is, it seems, “Network Whipping Boy”, so if you are having problems with the wireless you'll probably be looking for me anyway. :-) I wanted to post my schedule of the things I plan to attend.


Panel: Tips for Presenters
Plenary: Chair's Opening Remarks
Plenary: Keynote 1 - Ivan Krstic
Writing Your Own Python Types in C (#95)
Developing Desktop Applications with Dabo (#13)
Lunch & Plenary: Sponsor Lightning Talks (Fri)
WSGI: An Introduction (#66)
Web Frameworks Panel (#36)
Creating the WhatWhat Project with TurboGears (#63)
Iterators in Action (#49)
The State of Python Advocacy (#7)
Plenary: Lightning Talks (Fri PM)
PSF Members Meeting


PyCon 2008 Kick-Off
Plenary: Keynote 2 - Adele Goldberg
SQLAlchemy -- the Front-to-Back database toolkit (#47)
Lunch & Plenary: Keynote 3 - Guido van Rossum
Using Python Eggs (#56)
Distributing your project with Python Eggs (#27)
Dateutil to the Rescue! (#88)
IPython: getting the most out of working interactively in Python (#6
Securing Python: "Protecting the interpreter from code wielding fres
Why and when to use ctypes? (#51)
Plenary: Lightning Talks (Sat PM)
Hands-On with the One-Laptop-per-Child
The Advocacy of Python - Community Discussion


Plenary: Keynote 4 - Robert M. Lefkowitz
Testable network programming via the Network Gateway Interface (#58)
Write Less Code with XRC for wxPython (#92)
Python and vim: Two great tastes that go great together. (#79)
The Essentials of Stackless Python (#85)
twill\, scotch\, and figleaf -- tools for testing (#5)
Pybots: Testing Python Projects in Real Time (#4)
Packaging Python apps for Linux Distributions (#46)
Plenary: Lightning Talks + Closing Address (Sun PM)
Plenary: Sprint Introductions
Videos of an Entertaining Nature
Room Takedown by Volunteers
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