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This year at PyCon I took on a delightful entertainment. I ran the network for 600 Internet-hungry Python geeks. Time to play with lots of wireless networking hardware, and see if my networking mojo was strong. :-)

I've written up plenty of details in an article. It started as a blog post, but ended up being a bit more detailed than some might like to read in a blog. Follow this link to read all about running a wireless network for a geek conference. It provides all sorts of details which I wished I'd been able to find on the net before I showed up at the conference with boxes of networking gear.

Testing is great, but this is one of the instances where it's very hard to do. I would have liked to have arrived in Texas with a fully tested network, but I can't really invite 340 people with laptops over to my house to test it out… I don't have quite that many laptops of my own, either. :-) On the plus side, I had a day of fairly light use (only 180 people instead of 600) to work out the kinks. Because I'd spent literally months thinking about it, there were surprisingly few kinks though.

And on top of it all, I didn't come down with a cold until the day after the conference. Yay! :-)

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