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I picked up a Linksys SPA-942 phone and Grandstream GXP-2020 phone to trial, along with a lower-end Grandstream Budgettone to trial. I was really impressed with the Linksys, and my first impressions of the 2020 was bad enough that I just sent them both back and replaced them with more Linksys phones. Read on for more information on doing the upgrade.

The Linksys really rocks, but doing a firmware upgrade on the SPA-942 is not entirely obvious. The firmware comes with a executable upgrade program, but for those of us on Linux finding the instructions to do the upgrade is painful. Doing the upgrade is not, once you find the instructions. Searching google eventually found the answer, but it wasn't obvious. So, here's some more fodder for google.

You can upgrade the firmware by putting it on a TFTP server, and then in a web browser going to the URL:

http://<PHONE IP ADDRESS>/upgrade?tftp://<TFTP SERVER IP ADDRESS>/spa.bin

Probably worth trying an HTTP URL if TFTP isn't convenient for you. Once you hit the URL above, the phone will pull down the file and do the upgrade.

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