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It's been a while since I posted anything. Been very busy, and then last week I was out on vacation in lovely Durango, CO. Once I got back I decided that I should upgrade my FC-6 machines here to F-7. Being the tinkerer I am, I elected to try upgrading via yum. Read on for my experiences with upgrading 3 machines.

The short version is that all 3 of my remaining FC-6 machines upgraded fine using yum. This was by far the easiest upgrade I have done on them. I was very happy.

First, before doing any of the upgrades, I took a look at the YumUpgradeFaq on the wiki. A great resource. It's been long enough after F-7 has been released that most of the issues are known and noted there.

The first machine that I did was my mythtv machine. It's using atrpms for it's mythtv packages. I have had problems with yum upgrades in the past on this machine, but this time it worked with only minor tweaks. Per the faq I had to remove rhnlib and a few other random packages, but then the upgrade worked, rebooted and was up in F-7 no problem.

Next was my firewall box. It also was pretty easy. It doesn't have all that many packages installed, and it upgraded very easily. There was some issue with syntax changes in my /etc/named.conf on there, but it was easily fixed. Everything else worked fine after a reboot.

Finally, my main mail server/shell machine/webserver box. This one I have also had issues with upgrading in the past, simply because it runs so many things and has so many packages installed. A big offender has been inn (news server). It seems to change it's config files around on every upgrade. Not this time however, this time it upgraded just fine and ran OK. Ran into booting problems after the upgrade was finished, as I had some drives in /etc/fstab that were not referenced via label, but the old /dev/hd* syntax. Easily fixed. The other issue I ran into was with clamav. clamscan is now taking around 60 seconds to scan a single email. Anyone have any ideas why that's happening? With those exceptions everything is up and running fine on F-7.

I think upgrades have gotten smoother for several reasons:

  • Package quality has improved.
  • Package config has improved so I can use the default config files in many cases
  • yum has gotten better/faster
  • Fedora now has pretty much any package I need, so I don't need local packages, or lots of 3rd party repos

So, if you have been holding off on upgrading to F-7, do think about upgrading… it's a pretty smooth ride as far as I can see.

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