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For the recent Holiday, I managed to get a lovely new camera. A Fuji FinePix F50fd. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with my old camera, which I liked quite a bit, it was getting a bit worn, and some of the features on the new Fuji are great.

With the new camera comes the age old problem: How to manage all the photos I take with it. Read on for my thoughts on Linux software for photo management and plea to readers for better ideas…

Getting pictures off the camera isn't that difficult, gphoto2 works fine for it in generic mode. The problem is what to do with the photos once they are pulled off.

With my old camera, my work flow was something like this:

  • Pull the pics from the camera with gphoto2.
  • Run kphotoalbum on the new photos. Add notes and tags.
  • Export to html that batch of photos on my laptop.
  • Push the html dir out to my webserver machine with rsync.

This setup worked, but was a lot of steps, and made it hard to manage things on the web server end of things. Ie, if I wanted to search or the like it had to be done on my laptop.

Some things I am looking for in a photo management system:

  • I want a copy on my laptop, since it's my main machine.
  • I want tags or other ways to search and show all photos on a particular date, or with a particular person or dog in them.
  • I want photos to be linkable so I can add them to my personal journal pages and be sure the link will always exist.
  • I want to control my own photos. I don't want to use external services where I can't be sure what they are going to do with my data or what requirements they would put on people using it.

I have taken a look at f-spot. It works OK, but kphotoalbum is better IMHO, so if I am going to stick to that model then I would just stick with kphotoalbum. I also looked at and setup a gallery2 site. It's not bad, but the themes seem limited and it seems difficult to get it to look the way I want. Also, it's a big php nightmare, with typical php security issues. I have been meaning to look at imgSeek, but there was no fedora package, so I started packaging it up. Once there is a usable package I might try it out more.

Does anyone out there also face this issue? What do people do? How do you manage tons of photos that you want to be able to search and show? Is there some easy work flow for plugging in a camera, processing the photos and publishing them that isn't annoying with many steps? I would be particularly interested in fedora packaged software that would make this easier. Help me enjoy my new camera lazy web! :)

Side note: The Fuji is a great camera. The image stabilization seems to work nicely, it's fast, the screen is lovely, and it takes great photos so far.

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