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We've been recommending as a domain registration provider for our clients needing registration service. FYI: If you are using for your DNS (registration seems fine, it's just DNS that seems impacted), it looks like they're having serious issues. Read on for more details.

This does not impact you if you are using the and name servers.

Over the last few hours we have noticed that some of the name servers are unreachable from our facility, and are completely unreachable via Comcast. Their blog and support forums don't report any problems, so I have submitted a support request with them. However, they only seem to offer 48 hour turn-around on requests. If you are using for DNS, I'd urge you to submit a support request with them

While seems to be providing DNS servers in different IP blocks, they seem to be using the same upstream connectivity for both DNS servers. That's not an ideal way to architect DNS service. So, while I still recommend for registration service, I don't think I'll be able to recommend them for DNS service.

For comparison, the name servers are in completely different networks, but they're also geographically diverse by around 800 miles, and they also by completely different networks. One connects via Time Warner, Level 3, and InterNAP, the other via Sprint. This design is why we've never had an outage that's impacted both of our DNS servers.

As far as recommendations for other DNS providers, right now I don't have an alternative. I'd recommend shopping carefully though. DNS is so important, but getting it completely right can be tricky.

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