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Just finished up days one and two of Fudcon (the 'hackfest' days). Read on for some snippets and impressions:

Thursday I got in to the conference and checked in and got my fudcon badge with no problems. It was nice to see all the Red Hat Summit setup. Quite a lot of folks were at the summit it seemed. For a good chunk of time in the morning I helped out at the Fedora booth loading Fedora 9 live media onto USB keys. Summit attendees got a 1GB flash drive, which many were interested in getting Fedora 9 live loaded onto. At one point we had a 20-30 key backlog while we were loading as fast as we could. It was great to see Red Hat folks interested in Fedora. In the afternoon I went to Karsten Wade's talk on EPEL for the Summit OSS track. Good talk, and perhaps some RHEL ISV's will be interested in helping out in EPEL now.

In the late afternoon we had a visit from the CEO of Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst. He spoke for a bit about high level importance of Fedora, and then took Questions for quite a while. He really really seems to be someone who understands what Open Source and freedom means. He did a great job of answering questions and talking to folks. I was quite impressed.

Today started out with me trying to move forward on something I had been hoping to get working for a while: allowing any Fedora package maintainer access to my test ppc and x86_64 machines. This would allow people to debug issues and do mock builds on systems that they may not normally have access to. Thanks to Mike McGrath we made some great progress on that. Hopefully it will happen soon. I also tried to catch up on some Merge reviews that I had been meaning to move forward, sat in on the Fedora Spins meeting, and in the afternoon had a productive EPEL sig meeting where we hashed out some things we had been slow on moving forward. It was great to put more faces to names here.

Tomorrow is the BarCamp style day of talks at BU. Should be fun, but I do wish we could somehow do the BarCamp meeting the first day instead of the last. I think that would allow people to get excited and interested in hacking on something when someone who is passionate about it tells them what they are working on. No matter, it should be a fun but busy day tomorrow.

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