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I've been using enigmail inside Thunderbird for mail for a while now. However, the default setting was such that mutt wasn't auto-detecting the messages as encrypted when I was sending them, because the content-type wasn't set – programs had to look for the “BEGIN PGP MESSAGE” line.

It took a bit of hunting, but I was finally able to figure out how to change this. Since it's non-obvious, here's what you need to do:

  • Click on “Write” to start writing a new message.
  • Click on the OpenPGP menu.
  • Select the “Default Composition Options” item.
  • Select the “Signing/Encryption Options” sub-item.
  • Check the “Always use PGP/MIME” box.
  • Click “OK”.

You can't change this option from the main “Preferences” window for Enigmail, you have to do it from the Composition window. That's what tripped me up.

Encrypted-ly yrs,


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