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Just a quick post to note a few happenings in Fedora land for those interested:

This weekend will be the first set of IRC Classroom sessions in #fedora-classroom on Take a look at for a list of classes and times. I'm teaching one on Firewall Basics on Sunday. Hopefully we will get a good turnout. Students (and Teachers) welcome.

It's also election season in Fedora land. There are 4 groups holding elections in December. See: for more info. In particular I would like to urge those folks that have disliked recent FESCo decisions to run for FESCo or perhaps see about putting forward someone who shares their views.

Finally, Fedora 10 is just around the corner. The Preview Release just went out this week. Testing is very welcome. I've upgraded my laptop from Fedora 9 with preupgrade and it went very smoothly. Congrats on all the great work for this release everyone!

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