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I've been really meaning to write up some thoughts from the (now not so) recent Fudcon 11. Read on for some random thoughts about this delightful event.

Fudcon 11 was in Boston again. Not a especially great time of year to be in Boston, but such is the way it goes. I fear Fudcon Maui isn't ever going to happen. :) Here's some thoughts in no particular order:

On Friday, I hopefully helped out at the Spins hackfest. We worked on a new process for Fedora Spins and what needs to happen and how and when it needs to happen. Hopefully this new process will get buy-in from all involved and help us get Spins flowing smoothly.

It was great to hang out with some of the fine Fedora Ambassadors. These guys do great work and are fun to visit with.

I wish (again) that the barcamp sessions were the first day. This would allow people to get excited about something and then spend the other days working on it and helping make it happen.

Somehow I always seem to go have Indian food when I am in Boston, and this time was no exception. It was a pretty nice place, about 6 blocks from the hotel.

As usual, there were far too many interesting things going on for me to be able to go to all the ones I would have liked to. Luckily there are video and audio from some of the ones I missed. I will have to find time to listen to/watch them sometime soon.

The MIT wireless couldn't deal with all the FudConners. It's not surprising, as they usually have a fraction of people using it, and not hard core geeks that use the network so much. It wasn't too big a deal for me, as I just switched to EVDO, but it did bug some people.

The Classroom barcamp session was not very well attended. Hopefully the video will help get the word out. Classroom sessions are easy and fun. :) You just have to teach folks about something interesting you learned. What could be easier? Note: we need teachers (and students) for the next sessions: Classroom sessions

There were some folks that were not able to attend and were missed (by me at least): Bob, Ben and Scott from Fedora Unity, Max and Thorsten. Hope you all can make it next time.

There were tons of good QA ideas at this Fudcon. I sure hope some of them come to pass. The lab in a box looked interesting. I really would love to tie my source url checker into the QA message bus.

Fudpub was as fun as always. I got to have some conversations with Dave, Ricky, Ian, and many others. At another dinner I got to have conversations with a few package maintainers and get their take on various topics.

The #fudcon channel on freenode was very helpful. Coordination for going places and who was where was done there. Also, some remote folks could at least to some extent join in the fun. The wiki was pretty well updated as things happened as well. (Thanks Ian!).

All in all a good Fudcon. I look forward to the next one.

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