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I've been busy and then out on vacation and then busy again, but there are a bunch of short Fedora notes I thought I would mention for those interested. Read on for more…

Fedora 11 comes out next week! It looks to be a great release with a ton of new neat features (See The F11 Feature list for more info). In connection with this, feel free to join Fedora folks over in #fedora-social on for a release party. Thanks to everyone that made this release possible.

With F11 done and mirroring out, rawhide is moving on. So, if you installed and currently have a F11 release package, please make sure you have disabled the 'rawhide' repository, or you will stay on the rawhide train (which is likely to be fun at first with more than a month of untested pent up changes). Also, note that with rawhide moving on, the Fedora 11 'Fedora' repository is now pointing to the release, but since it hasn't happened yet, you won't be able to download any packages from it. Just wait until Tuesday and you should be all set.

Fedora IRC Classroom is open this weekend. Please check the Classroom wiki page for a schedule of classes. We are always looking for Students to join in and teachers to teach. Any interested parties are urged to join the mailing list at Also, we are talking on that list about changing the way we do the classes. Instead of opening things up one weekend a month, switch to a rolling schedule where the Classroom is always open and classes can happen when they are good for teachers and students. Stay tuned for an announcement on that or join the list above with your thoughts.

After thinking on it for a while, I decided to run for FESCo again. We have a good slate of people running this time, so please do look at the town hall meetings and answers to the candidate questionnaires and vote for who you think will do the best job. I hope we will see some new blood, but I also hope there are enough folks who have been there to help too.

After the recent issue with some FESCo meeting logs not being uploaded in a timely manner I went looking around for an IRC plugin that would handle this better than we have been. I found the debian folks have a nice supybot plugin called MeatBot that might suit our needs nicely. I set it up and used it for the last FESCo meeting, and you can see what it looks like here. Feed back is appreciated. Does this work for irc meeting logs?

I have a bunch of things I would love to get done in Fedora land, but as always, finding the time is always challenging. Just to throw it out there, the short list: Work on dealing with Merge reviews/review queue. Finish up test machines for packagers. Lots of tweaks to the Xfce live cd for F12. Finish and get Xfce into EPEL5. Help get EPEL using koji/bodhi. Work on trying to coordinate #fedora on IRC, fedora-list and the fedoraforum and see if we can communicate and help each other better.

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