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They now have “carbon nanotube” (what can't they make better?) capacitors called “super capacitors” which are very high capacity for their size. Unlike regular batteries, they don't really age out, but they don't quite have the capacity of regular batteries. But they can also charge very quickly.

I could imagine a hybrid laptop, with a regular battery and a supercapacitor, either co-located with the battery or or as a separate battery pack, which the system could use as a “front line” power buffer in front of the battery. This may allow longer battery life through fewer cycles of the main battery (only depleting the main battery if the super capacitor ran out), and very quick charging for a “topping off”. Benefits that both laptops/netbooks and other electronic devices like phones could benefit from.

Many laptops include the ability to take two battery packs – like my current laptop can take a second battery in place of the DVD burner, and it will drain from and charge to that in preference to the main battery.

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