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I've continued to do a lot of testing and other poking at ZFS-FUSE under Linux, and things are looking pretty good. I had run into a problem with the stable 0.6.0 release when used with lots (13+) of devices with very long names (50-ish character /dev names). However, that seems to be resolved with a very short patch as mentioned in this mailing list thread.

Additionally, zfs-fuse has just been placed into Debian for the Squeeze release (including the patch above). So, before long we should be able to “apt-get zfs-fuse” and have solid access to the joys of ZFS. Though note that this does not include dedup functionality – there are still some bugs in the base ZFS code to be worked out in that.

I've been running ZFS on my storage server for over a year, but I had found a version that mostly worked (though there were issues with heavy snapshot use). It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I finally decided to upgrade. It hasn't been trouble-free – because of the bug above I ended up having to reload my pool. But considering that I have good backups, I decided I might as well put the recent stable release to the test.

Unfortunately, at the moment one of my test machines has had some sort of hardware failure, and the other I had to swap to different hardware because we needed the chassis that it was on for other testing, and it's not booting in the new chassis. So for the moment, my stress testing is on hold.

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