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Evelyn pointed out the Weave plugin for Firefox on Sunday. There's a server you can, allegedly, install the server on your own machine. I tried that, but it's in pretty rough shape (40+ errors are all reported as a generic “database failure” message, then I eventually got to the point where it was just responding “https:///”). Or you can use a server provided by the Mozilla foundation.

Everything is, apparently, encrypted for transit and storage, with a key that you select. So there shouldn't be a security concern. You can select what you want it to synchronize, including bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history, and tabs.

One thing that kind of threw me is that the tabs show up under “History -> Tabs from Other Computers”.

Weave seems to work fine so far. You just install the weave plugin, create an account, set the encryption password, and off you go. It's real easy, man.

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