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Several months ago I wrote a “zfsstress” program. This program emulates the use-case of our old backup servers, which would regularly cause the OpenSolaris systems we were running them on to reboot. As I've mentioned before, zfsstress has shown that the stable release of zfs-fuse is quite good.

Now that btrfs has the ability to delete snapshots, I decided to port zfsstress to btrfs, and the result is available at along-side the zfsstress program.

I've been running btrstress on a test Fedora 13 Beta system for the last week, and it's been working very well. I am getting “unlinked 1 orphans” in dmesg periodically, I haven't been able to find anything saying what that is about. So far though, btrfs is looking pretty good.

One kind of curious thing is that I let btrstress fill up a 200GB partition, then I deleted the btrstress subvolume. The delete of 200GB of data returned in around 20 seconds, but df showed the file-system still full. It was cleaning up in the background, which is just great – I don't have to wait for it before the command returns. It took around 10 minutes for the data to be completely removed.

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