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Not too long ago, Red Hat released a public Beta of RHEL6 for folks to try out. I've been running it here in a vm since it was released. Read on for my thoughts on the Beta and also News about where EPEL is related to RHEL6.

I've been running the RHEL6 beta here since it was released. Overall it looks like it's going to be a nice welcome update to the now aging for some RHEL5. For anyone running recent Fedora versions, the beta is based on Fedora 12 (with a small bit of F13 back ported into it). It's using the 2.6.32 kernel, which did seem to be stabilizing OK for Fedora 12. One surprise for some folks is the removal of the system-config-* packages. Most things can be configured in other ways or manually, so it's not a big problem, IMHO. One item I was really hoping to see in this release was DRBD, which is available in the 2.6.32 kernel. However, it looks like Red Hat Found it to be too new or difficult to support, as the module is not available. The installer is similar to F12's and works just fine. btrfs support is available as a tech preview. I have not yet looked at libvirt/kvm, but I would expect them to be up to Fedora 12's versions which run many guests here just fine.

One oddity to me, is that a number of packages have been split out into an 'optional' channel. Sometimes the main package is in the base repo, and the devel subpackage is in 'optional'. I Imagine this may be to note a lower level of support for these packages, but it's not entirely clear if that's the case.

Dennis Gilmore has been doing a great job getting EPEL ready for RHEL6. We have the Fedora build system updated, EPEL's cvs updated, and pretty much all the parts in place. This last Friday, all packages with EL-5 branches in EPEL were mass branched for a EL-6 branch. Maintainers can build them as time permits. Until there is a final RHEL6 release, we will just be signing the packages and pushing them out. There will not be a testing repo or updates required. This is a fast moving beta phase. So, if you maintain EPEL packages, do build for EL6.

Overall, RHEL6 looks like it will be a nice updated release. I'm looking forward to it. Get the beta at: Red Hats ftp site Get the RHEL6b release package at: our epel mirror

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