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I just did a re-install on 3 of our work laptops, and F14 for 2 people and Maverick for one. In this dance I always copy all the data off, then re-format, and copy it back on. As I mentioned in my last post, part of this was for converting to btrfs, but part of it is just to start over from scratch and get rid of any cruft that might build up by doing endless upgrades…

But I always end up holding onto the “oldroot” copy of my system for longer than I intended. One of the laptops still had the previous “oldroot” copy on it. This got me to thinking, I should probably just snapshot it once I'm happy with it, and then remove the oldroot, and rely on the snapshot keeping that information. Then at some point in the future, clean up that snapshot. This also prevents backups from having to pull this data.

But that got me to thinking that in the future maybe I don't want to do a full mkfs when I do this re-install process… I could just take a snapshot, and then remove all the root directories except for /home and /.snapshots… I could even imagine the installer helping out with this. Or perhaps creating a new sub-volume to install to. Or you could create a snapshot, remove what you don't want in the new install, and then set that snapshot as the default with “btrfs filesystem set-default”…

The possibilities are quite exciting!

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