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I got one of those CD-ROM bay batteries, and it confuses the power LED. When charging, it will flash orange until the second battery is more than 15% (OMG, one battery is at 0%). And it doesn't start charging that battery until the first is at 100%.

It charges to 90% quickly, but the last 10% takes quite a long time. Kevin thinks I can probably swap which battery is being charged, maybe a little script that flips the batteries when it's charging and the primary hits 80%, then swap to top both of them up the last little bit.

So currently it takes an hour to charge #0 to 85%, another hour to charge it to 100%, an hour to charge #1 to 85%, another hour to charge it to 100%…

My last battery didn't even last a year before it was only holding around 90 minutes charge. So it's quite the refreshing change to go from 90 minutes of battery life to, well, I'm not exactly sure… I'm guessing with them totally fresh, something close to 6 hours. But I haven't even come close to running them both completely down yet.

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