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I'd like to propose that we come up with some way of standardizing a way to make excluding chrooted “/proc” mount-points easier in backups. I believe that backing up more is better than backing up less, and so I prefer to not stop on a mount-point (because that often causes surprise when a new file-system is added and backups don't pick it up). But systems are just littered with “/proc” mounts for chrooted environments (postfix, ntp, named, etc…).

It would be nice if /proc were named something that made it a bit more unique, like “/proc-virtual-namespace”, so I could feel like I can exclude descending into that directory by name. Excluding “proc” seems too likely to collide with legitimate files.

Sure would be nice if “/proc” included something like an “.rsync-exclude” file taht spit out an exclude rule for that directory. Or if rsync had exclude rules based on file-system type. Beyond that, I the best option I have come up with is to enable “one-filesystem”, but then dynamically generate the list of directories based on the file-system types.

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