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Several of us have been running Gnome 3 lately, and have been happy enough with it. One thing I was thinking was that it would be nice if the date/time bar app showed my google calendar. Then Mike found this project that does just that: gnome-shell-google-calendar.

But, I subscribe to 8 other calendars. So whenever we had a company meeting, it would show a bunch of duplicated events, and it was hard to tell my events from others. So I hacked on it this weekend and have pushed a new version up to github: Sean's fork of gnome-shell-google-calendar.

This version de-duplicates events with the same title that start at the same time, and also displays what calendar the event came from. So far it's been working really well for me, but the upstream author is reporting an error so I'm working with them on that at the moment.

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