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A year ago I started trying to use a desktop in addition to the Thinkpad laptop that had been my primary computer (in different models) over the previous decade. I really like the Thinkpad keyboard, and can't live without the stick-mouse…

So to make the transition as painless as possible, I got a “ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint” (FRU: 55Y9053, Model No: SK-8855).

However, this had a well known issue with the caps key not responding quickly to being lifted. Like the key was stuck down for around another 0.2 seconds after you released it. If you type less than 60WPM it's not a problem, but above that it starts getting maddening…

I decided to just try buying another one, because the one I had was probably 4 years old (I just hadn't used it seriously until last year).

The new one, which is labeled as “REV: R01” (compared to the previous “R00”), completely fixes that problem.

Lenovo had released a driver fix for Windows that resolved this, but that doesn't help me, I'm on Linux.

Searching around the net, you still see a lot of reviews that say that this is a problem, which is why I wanted to get this post out there. If you get a R01 revision, it seems like this problem is fixed.

You can't believe how happy I am about this!

NOTE: This keyboard does not have a Touchpad, it only has the stick. Which I am happy with, I disable the touchpad on my laptop. There is a model that has a touchpad, but it does not have the Windows key (which my window manager uses extensively).

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