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Last week my Raspberry Pi finally arrived… I have a lot of stuff going on right now, so I loaned it to my friend Stephen Warren who hasn't received his yet (scheduled 3 weeks out or so) until his comes in.

His project for the Pi is to do environmental sensors around his house. For that he needed an I2C driver to talk to the sensors. There was already an I2C driver out there, but it was … not optimal.

So he wrote a new one this weekend:

Github Raspberry Pi Kernel: I2C Driver

Then today he had another person contact him that they were working on an I2C driver. Stephen had done a google search to try to find I2C drivers before he started on his own, so I figured some more pointers in Google would be good.

It's a fun looking device, and seemed to be real easy to get booting. I can't wait until they've cleared up all the sales back-log.

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